Instructions on how to access all school tools, including your home drive

Step One - Hover over the Utility Links (at the top of the page) and click on the link the says, "Portal."
Step Two - Login as you would login to any school computer. ( A series of square icons should pop-up giving you access to all the school tools - email, Microsoft 365, Canvas and more.
Step Three - Open up any of the tools that you are interested in.
If you are asked to login again, to open email or Canvas, do so with the exact same login and password that you just used to get in. If you have trouble getting in, try using your original password (first initial last initial last four digits of your student number ex ab1234.)
If you have any trouble signing into Canvas, try this direct link: Go to: Sign in Email: student Go to the next screen Password: first initial last initial last four digits of your student number
You might have to add a new login OR ask your computer to forget your password if you have previously saved it. Also, there is a Canvas App that you can add to your phone for mobile access to your school work. Find the free App for Canvas and when asked for your school type comoxvalleyschools. When asked to login, again, do so as if you were accessing a school computer. You can also access your school home drive on the portal page. You will find the link at the top right of the portal page. Easy!
Lastly, if you do not know your school password, email or to have your password reset.