National Scholarship Information

Grade 12 Information Session – September 2020


Ideas for Success

1)  Volunteerism – community, school (Important to give service/give back to others/ Be creative)

2)  Leadership activities

3)  Keep a record of all applications/essays (you can tweak information to use again)

4)  Terms:    Bursary = financial need      Scholarship = academic standing

5)  Reference Letters – from employers, teachers, coaches, close family friends (not relatives!)


Early Scholarships:  very competitive


1)  Horatio Algers - $5000 Online application.    Deadline: Oct 25,2020   Experienced adversity in your life.


2) LORAN Award – $100,000

      -  School Sponsored Candidates (only 3) - complete school application form by Oct 1, 2020 by 3:30 PM

If selected, complete online application.   Deadline: October 15, 2020

      -  Direct Pool Candidates – Online application   Deadline: October 22, 2020


3)  Schulich Leadership Scholarship - $100,000   STEM programs at post-secondary

      Career choices: technology, engineering, entrepreneurship/business, applied scientific research

      -  School Sponsored Candidates (only 1) - complete school application form by Nov 13, 2020 by 3:30 PM

If selected, complete online application.   Deadline: January 27, 2021


4)  TD Scholarships for Community Leadership– up to $10,000 for 4 years.  Deadline: Nov 13, 2020


School/School District Based: applications available beginning of Feb 2021   Deadline – March 2021   TBA

1)  Isfeld Bursaries – donated by various community groups

2)  District Authority Awards – $1250 voucher


BC Ministry Scholarships:

1)  BC Achievement Scholarships – top 8000 students in BC will receive $1250 voucher. No application.

2)  BC Excellence Scholarship – One student will be nominated by the school (no application).  There are 55   

      scholarships available to recognize well-rounded B.C. graduates.  $5,000 voucher

3)  Pathway to Teacher Education - $5000 voucher. Must attend an approved K-12 teacher education program

      at one of BC’s nine Faculties of Education.  For application form, eligibility requirements and application

      deadline go to:


1) Research BC post-secondary programs

2) Apply to most BC institutions through this site

3) Financial Aid information


Important Upcoming Sessions

1)  How-To Session – Tips for Post-Secondary Applications (including using BC Transcript Services)

               Date/Time:  Flex Time 2:30-3:30   October 13 or 14.

2)  Virtual Fair with BC Post Secondary Institutions

Nov 18 (2:00 – 6:00 PM) and Nov 19 (3:00 – 7:00 PM)

Info and link will be sent home to parents and students via email.


Click HERE  to Explore Helpful Websites for Scholarships & Bursaries

Click  HERE  to Explore Helpful Websites for Scholarships.
Click HERE for the School Sponsorship Application for External Scholarships. 
This form needs to be filled out for both the Loran Award and the Schulich Leadership Scholarship.
School sponsored candidates (only 3) complete school application form by October 1, 2020 by 3:30pm.
Recognizing that academic performance is not the only indicator of future value to the community, a group of dedicated volunteers set out to find and support young Canadians who demonstrate character, service and leadership potential.


The Loran Award is not a reward for past achievements, but an investment in a young person’s potential future path of high impact. Our scholars pursue careers in a wide range of areas, readily take on greater responsibilities and share a lifelong commitment to leading with integrity.

Offered in full partnership with 25 Canadian universities, a Loran Award is valued at approximately $100,000 over four years of undergraduate study:


Schulich Leader Scholarships are the largest and most prestigious undergraduate Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) scholarships in Canada, with a value of up to $100,000 each. Fifty students receive this celebrated award each year – a top student can win from your school! Last year, 70% of winning recipients came from schools that had never produced a Schulich Leader before.
  1. Every high school in Canada may nominate one student per academic year
  2. School sponsored candidates (only 1) - Complete school application form by November 13, 2020 by 3:30pm.
See Ms. Long or Ms. Kotapski in the Counselling Centre for more information.

Apply now to Face of Today's Self-Investment Scholarship! Two multi-year $5,000 scholarships towards post-secondary schooling are available to those eligible, who submit an essay on how they have invested in their mental health and wellbeing during a time of crisis. 


The Self-Investment Scholarship is eligible to students:


a. Graduating from Grade 12 or a successful high school graduate
b. Accepted or enrolled in a recognized college or university program, job skills training program, apprenticeship program or other vocational program (proof of enrolment will be required for final payment)
c. Able to demonstrate the need for financial assistance for their study program, and
d. Submit an application form including a 2500 word essay about a time when you prioritized or invested in your mental health and wellbeing during a time of crisis

DEADLINE: This application MUST be submitted by Tuesday August 4, 2020 to be considered 


Recipients will be contacted by August 12, 2020.


Visit: to submit your essay.


Face of Today was created in 2009, with the hopes that all youth and their communities have access to mental health resources and education. In 2019, the Face of Today Resource Centre was opened in Gastown, to provide programming in arts, fitness and wellness to at-risk youth. Our mission is to invest in strategic partnerships with aligned organizations, co-creating and delivering youth-centered programs that foster resilience, personal development, and a mindset of giving back.





Coast Capital Savings - Standing Tall Award

Coast Capital is again offering a Standing Tall Award to a student from our district that has faced adversity and has not only risen up against the odds, but has demonstrated a commitment to continue their education. This award is open to students who have faced challenges like poverty, health, family issues, personal loss and lack of support. Last year, 61 students from 23 school districts across Metro Vancouver, Fraser Valley, mid- and southern Vancouver Island and the Central Okanagan who have overcome adversity and personal challenges received a total of $211,500 to help start their post-secondary education.
March 1 Application forms available on the Coast Capital website. All 2020 Youth Education Awards information and timeline will be updated on the Coast Capital website by March 1.
April 3 Deadline for students to submit applications to their school counsellor.
April 17 School to have selected an application from their school to be forwarded to the SBO for final selection by the Assistant Superintendent of Schools. Please include a tally of applications received by your school.
May 4 Deadline for the School District to inform Coast Capital Savings of their Education Award winner and a backup (in case the student declines or does not meet the eligibility requirements).
Scholarships Canada is a free website with an extensive database (80,000+ scholarships!) that lists numerous scholarship opportunities in detail. When you register you will provide information ranging from your year of study to your hobbies, which will be used as keywords to run through their system. At the end of the process, you will have an inbox of awards that are appropriate for you based on the information you supplied. In addition, they have a number of sister websites that provide a comprehensive system for guiding students through the post-secondary experience: School Finder, Study in Canada and Grad School Finder. Scholarships Canada also offers online webinars on a number of different topics and newsletters.
This  Student Financial Assistance website is run by the Government of Canada. This resource provides information on Canadian post-secondary education.
If you live in British Columbia or are planning to study in British Columbia, Education Planner can help you compare post-secondary options. ​
Student Budget Calculators
There are a number of online calculators that can help you build a budget for post-secondary expenses. Below are links to several options: